Some Of The Live Poker Games In Billings, MT

Billings, MT Poker

If you’re hanging out in Billings, MT and are looking for a poker game here’s a few that I have played in myself.

The Crystal

There is nearly always a 3-6 limit holdem game at the Crystal Lounge in downtown Billings between 10am & 2am. They also have a 4-8 omaha with a half kill on Monday and Friday nights which is a good game if you like Omaha 8.

Tahitian Nights/Bullwackers

You might want to call before you head completely out of your way for the game here but if it’s going it’s a $2 $5 NL holdem game that is generally packed with action.

Montana Chads

Generally there’s a structured 10-20 game & a smaller spread limit game every night except for Sundays @ Montana Chads

The Jackpot Nevada

In the evenings there’s a $1 $2 NL holdem game

The Golddust Casino

Depending on the night you’ll find either a spread limit from 2-5 or 2-10 or a 1-2 NL game, generally some pretty good action.

Bugz’s Casino

This place is up in the heights so I don’t make it out there much to play but I hear that the no limit holdem action there is rival to none.


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